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  • " The GTS is an outstanding and quality built variable wattage mod. It’s equipped with a wide range of settings to create the perfect vaping experience. The GTS is the luxury car of variable wattage mods. It’s a very comfortable device to hold. I personally love the screen size, it makes it easy to operate and control. The 510 threads are nice and smooth. Overall, it’s definitely one of my favorite mods to date. "

    Kaylee Knot


    Lincoln Ave, USA

  • " As a new mod maker to the vaping world, I am totally blown away with all the Rev Tech mods, you have an amazing line up of mods to choose from, my favorite is the Rev Nitro, so sleek,stylish and powerful and fits to your hand like a glove. The menu systems on the mods are so simple to use and easy to setup, now I understand your motto of "crank it up a notch". You have raised the bar for all other mod makers to try and follow you. Amazing "




  • " I really enjoy RevTech Mods , they give you an extreme and satisfing esperience of vaping! Great materials They're made of, enjoyable design and incredibly powerful too that I couldn't choice what is really My favourite between Sport,Gts or Nitro cause They're all so good! I don't know how they could make it happen but they created a sort of awesome mods! So Thumbs up for RevTech and...Grab One and start The race! "

    Debora Madeddu



  • This beautiful, well-designed device, feels great in your grips, with full control at your fingertips. Press the accelerator, and you not only feel, but can see the power Rev Up in the huge HD screen display. The menu button gives you access to update your software, and customize your device to your style with the several options provided. Take one out for a test drive, and you'll definitely experience vaping in luxury."

    Mark Toribio



  • "REV makes great looking mods. They are easy handling, special menu, great fire rate. I really like em."<




  • "I am very impressed with the REV Tech company. I have the complete collection. I have the GTS, Nitro and Sport. They all have quick ramp up time and clear displays for user maintenance. I was surprised to find out that the Sport has internal battery. I have the GTS in green, Th Nitro in white and the Sport in blue. I am very very happy with my REV Tech mods. Great work REV Tech."




  • "In short, RevTech has just released a line of Vape Mods replicating the power of wattage and voltage thru that of both a speedometer and tachometer creating a revolutionary breakthrough in the Vape Industry. With such Innovation, Intelligence, Performance and Class, it is not even necessary to be a profound car enthusiast.In uniting the world of cars and vaping together, it has created such a fun and unique new experience. Similar to a rush of G-Force one would experience seeing the RPMs and speedometer rise as you put the pedal to the metal! We are now able to experience the same feeling, whilst receiving a powerful, reliable hit each time we hit the fire button on these mods! The displays are interchangeable and RevTech has also added the availability with the use of their firmware (thru USB connection) to download even more unique displays.Thus far, I would have to say the GTS model has proven to be my “go-to” and favorite from the collection. In my opinion it is the most sophisticated and allows the advanced/knowledgeable user the most options possible. The Nitro is only one step under hence a little bit less wattage yet all of the goodies that the GTS offers!However, unlike the GTS and NITRO models, the RevSport 101 Watt has its own internal 4200 mAh battery. With just a bit less power (wattage) yet it’s just as sleek, classy and reliable as the GTS. It’s internal battery is nothing shy of impressive and can be beat on all day long! A definite pro for those new or less knowledgeable regarding careful handling of these batteries, or those just not into switching them all around between usage! Thank you and I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I do daily!!